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Although one can argue it all began in 1971 (as is evidenced by the photo to the right), my passion for photography started around 19 (years old, not 2019) with some b&w film, a Beseler enlarger, and the basement bathroom my parents reluctantly converted into a darkroom.


Over the past 30 years, I've been fortunate to make my living as a writer, graphic designer, magazine publisher, and art director. I also worked at a pet store in Middlesex Mall. Learned a lot about ferrets, rats, and what not to do with pufferfish. But I digress. In 2005, I came back to photography and realized this is where I belong. This is my home. 


I'm a big believer in fate, everything for a reason. By default, I suppose that deems me an optimist. I've also been defined by my tenacity, and my ability to attain a somewhat delirious sense of humor when things go to sh*t. 

I have an almost unhealthy belief that my survival depends on access to caffeine, sushi, and a beach. Water—love it. Showers, rain, the ocean, all of it. I love to laugh but I suck at telling jokes. Playful sarcasm is my are my jeans, graphic Ts, Converse, and brown leather cuffs.
If I could wear those—and ballgowns—every day, I'd be happy.

Me and Pandy, Hollywood, Florida, 1971.

Mom & Mom-Mom, Jersey Shore, circa 1947.

Vintage clothes and being surrounded by creative genius inspire me, and I have great respect for those I work with and those visionaries who continue to influence my work: Robert Frank, Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, Vivian Maier...the list goes on. And Grace Coddington, well...that is all. Grace. Coddington.

For me, coming from an art director background, it's all about the big picture. And what I see is what you a nutshell.  

I currently live in the Memphis area with my husband, Rick, two daughters, and three rescues.

This site (heck, my entire career) is lovingly dedicated to my mom and my grandmother, the two people who taught me the emotional value of capturing these sometimes big, but often small (though never insignificant) life moments.

To avoid yet another message on how to save on auto insurance, I am no longer posting a phone number. But I promise I will return your message within a day

Thanks for understanding! 


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